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What's happening summer of 2014

Some of you are thinking of coming summer of 2015. Here are the activities for this summer 2014. Dates next summer will probably be similar and may be helpful in your planning. If you want to stay in Nauvoo, you may need to get housing a year ahead.

Can't wait for your visit.

Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo 
Musical Comedy performed by Sr. Missionaries telling about Saints who built Nauvoo, then had to leave the city they loved. 
Year round 

The Promise 
(Formerly called High Hopes and River Boats) Musical performed by the Young Performing Missionaries 

May 24-Aug. 9 

Just Plain  Anna Amanda 
Young Performing Missionaries perform this “giggle-fest” puppet show and musical with a positive message for children and adults alike 

May 24-Aug. 9

Just Plain  Anna Amanda 
Young Performing Missionaries perform this “giggle-fest” puppet show and musical with a positive message for children and adults alike 

May 24-Aug. 9

BYU Living Legends Tribute to the dance and music of ancient cultures of the Americas and 
the Pacific performed by descendants of these cultures. 

June 2-June 14 

BYU Contemporary Dance Theatre and Synthesis 
Contemporary Dance Theatre: ignites audiences with its wide spectrum of dance styles that range from 
dramatic to comedic & lyrical to jazz. 

June 16- 28 

Pageant Nauvoo Pageant-
This is the pageant that has been held in the past. It will be held in addition to the New Pageant, Truth Will Prevail 

July 8-Aug. 2 

New Pageant Truth Will Prevail 
This is pageant new in 2014 and will be held alongside the Nauvoo Pageant. It is about Missionary Experiences in Britain (Preston, England) 

July 8-Aug. 2 

Evening Trail of Hope 
YPMs Travel down Parley Street with the Young Performing Missionaries.Vignettes, musical & instrumental 
based on journal entries from Saints who took the exodus from Nauvoo. 

May 24-Aug. 9 

Morning Trail of Hope  
Travel down Parley Street with the Pageant Core Cast. Vignettes, musical & instrumental based on journal entries from Nauvoo Exodus. 

July 8-Aug. 2 

Youth of Zion Vignette 
performed by the Young performing Missionaries about courageous Nauvoo Youth. 

May 24-Aug. 2 

Go Ye Unto All the World 

Performed by the Pageant core cast. 
July 8-Aug. 2 

King Follett Discourse 

Performed by Pageant Core Cast 
July 8-Aug. 2 

Letters from Joseph to Emma 

Performed by Pageant Core Cast 
July 8-Aug. 2 W

Women of Nauvoo 

Performed by Pageant Core Cast 
July 8-Aug. 2 

Hymn Fest 
Performed by Young Performing Missionaries 

May 24-Aug. 9 

Vignette in Carthage 

To Be Announced 

The Nauvoo Lecture Series, May 2014
Biographical Sketches of Latter-day Prophets

NOTE NEW TIME – Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

George and Susan (Easton Black) Durrant
Nauvoo Temple Missionaries and Nauvoo Residents
Nauvoo LDS Stake Center Chapel, 380 Durphy St., Nauvoo
Program Date, Title, Topic Summary

Thu, 1 May               Brigham Young 1801-1844
·   Childhood in Vermont
·   Youth as a painter and carpenter
·   Move to Mendon, New York
·   Conversion to the LDS Church
·   Zion’s Camp and ordination to the Twelve
·   Work on the Kirtland Temple
·   Missions to England and the Eastern States
·   Mantle of Joseph Smith
Tue, 20 May            Joseph F. Smith 1838-1918
·   Childhood in Nauvoo
·   Journey to the Salt Lake Valley
·   Significant teachings of his mother, Mary Fielding Smith
·   Missions to Hawaii and England
·   Call to the Twelve and First Presidency
·   Highlights of his Presidency: Appearance before a U.S. Senate Committee; Purchases Church History lands; Flu Epidemic of 1918
Tue, 6 May               Brigham Young 1845-1877
·   City of Joseph
·   Mormon Pioneer Trek
·   Establishing settlements in Deseret
·   Utah War
·   Act of Bigamy 1862
·   Reorganization of the Twelve
·   Dedication of the St. George Temple
Thu, 22 May               Heber J. Grant 1856-1945     
·   Prophecies regarding his future
·   Childhood in Salt Lake City
·   Businessman and banker
·   Call to the Apostleship
·   Highlights of his Presidency: Welfare Program; Emphasis on living the Word of Wisdom
Thu, 8 May                      John Taylor 1808-1887
·   Childhood in rural England
·   Youth in Liverpool, England
·   Methodist Preacher in Upper Canada
·   Conversion to the LDS Church
·   Missions to the British Isles and France
·   With Joseph Smith in Carthage Jail
·   Highlights of his Presidency: Edmunds-Tucker Act; Author of Mediation and Atonement
Tue, 27 May     George Albert Smith 1870-1951
·   Childhood in Salt Lake City
·   College year at Brigham Young Academy
·   Marriage to Lucy Woodruff
·   Mission to the Southern States
·   Call to the Apostleship
·   Purchase of Smith properties in Palmyra, New York
·   Debilitating illness
·   Highlights of his Presidency: 1947 Pioneer Centennial Celebration; LDS Church reaches one million members; Supplies sent to war-torn Europe
Tue, 13 May           Wilford Woodruff 1807-1898
·   Childhood in Connecticut
·   Conversion to the LDS Church
·   Call to the Apostleship
·   Missions to England and the Eastern States
·   Highlights of his Presidency: Salt Lake Temple completed; Utah Genealogical Society established; Utah gains statehood
Thu, 29 May             David O. McKay 1873-1970   
·   Childhood in Huntsville, Utah
·   College years at the University of Utah
·   Mission to the British Isles
·   Responsibilities in the Quorum of the Twelve
·   Highlights of his Presidency: “No success compensates for failure in the home;” “Every member a missionary”
Thu, 15 May               Lorenzo Snow 1814-1901
·   Childhood in Ohio
·   Conversion to the LDS Church
·   Call to the Apostleship
·   Missions to Italy and the Hawaiian Islands
·   President of the Salt Lake Temple
·   Highlights, Presidency: Reinstated Law of Tithing
Note: The June classes will be announced by mid-May.

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