Sunday, June 8, 2014

You Never Know Who's Watching

Elder Johnson and I had our first "mega" tour last week. There was a group of 114 graduated seniors from Salt Lake City that came to Nauvoo to celebrate the mile stone. While at the jail, they were very cooperative, respectful, and easy to teach. We divided them into three groups and rotated them through the jail and film room in about an hour and a half.

Before we finished taking the last group through, we received a call from the visitor's center in Nauvoo. Word was that a recently retired couple had crossed paths earlier in the trip with this large group from Utah. The travelers were so impressed with the youth group that they changed their plans and followed the graduated group to Nauvoo. The story was reported to a missionary at the Nauvoo Visitor's Center who passed it on to us. We, of course, congratulated the young adults and let them know what an impression they can make throughout their life. You never know who's watching and what an impact you can make on others.

My sisters, Julie and Becky, came to Nauvoo with their husbands. Below are a few shots from our performance at Rendezvous.

 During the production, actors wait for their turn on stage from the Green Room. These pictures were taken while waiting for our turn.

 During a testimony meeting last week, one of the young performing missionaries admitted that there were many "Nauvoo miracles". He claimed that without his missionary badge he would not be able to clog and sing as needed because he did not feel that he could clog and sing on his own.

The young performers really are amazing. It is fascinating to me that they too feel blessed and inspired to do what is needed to be done. I believe it's true....without the calling as a missionary, we could not accomplish all that we do.

 After Rendezvous, we (Rand, Julie, Becky, and Kent) met for some ice cream at Annie's Custard.
 Saturday afternoon was rainy enough that those who visited the jail were few and we broke away early enough to attend the Nauvoo Temple. I love this place. It is sooooo amazing.
 Just in case you were wondering, there are pines near Nauvoo that make for beautiful camping. It's even possible to camp in a dress suit as Elder Johnson can attest to.
Becky Connell reminded us that obedience to the Lord's commandments brings blessings, and exact obedience brings miracles.

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