Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wilford Woodruff Home, Prayer, and the Ripple

We worked in the Wilford Woodruff home today. I've been here two or three times, but it is new for Elder Johnson. As you see the home is just off Highway 96 which is the main street that runs through Nauvoo. All of the other sites are a few blocks off the main drag. Hence, we get more drive-by's here.
 For those of you who don't know, Wilford Woodruff was the forth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. First was Joseph Smith of course, then Brigham Young which you've probably heard about. John Taylor was third and then Wilford Woodruff.
 In the picture above, you can see a distinction between the first four layers of red brick and the rest of the house. This distinction shows on all four sides of the home and as you probably guessed, has a story.

Apparently, when Wilford returned from one of his missions (he served eight) he found the foundation and first four rows of his home had been completed. He was determined to finish it with better brick but didn't want to waist the work that had already been done. The character of a man's home tells a great deal about him don't you think? Clearly, he was a perfectionist but not to the point of undoing another man's work.
 The home has eight fire places and is the original structure. Wow! How can that be when it is close to 175 years old? Well, the man was a perfectionist and built it as square and sound as he could. Then as he left Nauvoo in May of 1846, he pleaded with the Lord that He would remember their sacrifices. This home was lived in continuously until the 1960's when it was purchased as part of the Nauvoo restoration.

Note that the brick fireplace is on the inside of the house. That is because President Wilford wanted the outside of the house to be perfectly square. To get that look, all of the 8 fire places are built into the house making it warm and cozy on the inside, and straight and square on the outside. 
                    Isn't it darling? You'll have to come to Nauvoo to hear the rest of the story.

As missionaries, we are encouraged to take notes when we feel the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Here are a few thoughts I had on prayer this week. 

"Father in Heaven values our agency. He will rarely if ever give us information and/or direction without our first asking for it."

"God knows who we are. He knows our name and our struggles. He loves us and yearns for our success. He will answer our pleas for direction."

Note to self: Ask for assistance more often. Be specific and sometimes pray out loud when I am alone. (Will you do the same?)

Here is a fun link sent to us by a prior Nauvoo missionary. Check it out!  The Ripple

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