Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring Has Not Sprung...Yet, Mothers in America

Note the temperature below registers 4 degrees. 
About a half hour ealier that day (February 27th) it said 0 degrees but we didn't have time to stop for the evidence. Add humidity and wind chill factor and you get the idea of winter in the mid-west.
(Check out that blue sky--isn't it beautiful!)
 However, in church today President Gibbons said that he heard from a reliable source that spring is just around the corner. He also said that it must be a pretty sharp corner because we can't see it from where we are. :)  I've seen bulbs trying to come up, but I'm having to go on faith as well that the cold is coming to an end.
 Speaking of coming to an end....these missionaries are performing their good-bye skits at our morning breakfast. As you see, we're all a little bit crazy.

I don't think most of the Nauvoo missionaries started out this silly, but as we put out our best efforts, we are qualified for the work. Even though there are some with amazing credentials after their names, a large majority of us are just ordinary people who in the end do extraordinary things. If you've ever considered serving a it happen!

We'll have lots of people to thank next fall when we get home. Lately, I'm thinking sweet thoughts about Elder Johnson's secretary and office manager, Betty Ronan, back home. She probably doesn't know it, but we would most likely be home already if it weren't for her. So if you live in Colorado, and get a chance to stop by the Allstate office at 6390 Gardenia St #220, thank her for us....would you?

Another person that has sacrificed for us in quite a different way is our granddaughter, Avry. I suspect that she was praying that we'd be able to attend her baptism in Florida the first of February. We were praying that she would have a wonderful and memorable day even though we couldn't be there. As missionaries make sacrifices, you gotta know that it is all motivated by love. There is nothing that I can share with my grandchildren of more worth to me than my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that as Elder Johnson and I give of our time as missionaries, other people's lives will be blessed--most particularly are each and every one of our children, inlaw children, and grandchildren.

Mother of the Year:
All across the country, mother's were considered and a few chosen to represent each state as Mother of the Year. I have a thoughful daughter that submitted my name. That is the greatest honor of all.

Anyway, I was nominated in Colorado, but since I currently live in Illinois, my name was also turned in here. Long story short, I will be going to Bloomington, Illinois to receive an award  for runner up Mother of the Year. Mostly, I'm excited to meet other amazing mothers. 

As part of the application, we were asked to include our philosphy of parenting in 150 words or less. I thought I'd include mine here. It really isn't mine alone of course, but a compilation of what I've gleaned over the years. Perhaps, it will be helpful to you. The rising generation are quite amazing, and we as parents and leaders, need to rise to meet them. Don't you agree?

Amy's philosophy of parenting:

(Parenting was a team effort, so Amy will talk in terms of “we” to describe their parenting philosophy.)

Amy and Gregg’s underlying parenting philosophy was to teach their children correct principles and then allow the children to govern themselves as often as possible.

They allowed their children to fail at times and to feel regret for their own mistakes while young when their “falls” were not as devastating. It also meant that the children could take full credit for their successes. Basically, they felt that children need to experience and own the consequences of their own behavior both good as well as bad.

Defining correct principles can be tricky in our society. They focused on: honesty, integrity, good work ethics, kindness, and sensitivity to others which included service, being a team player in both work and play, valuing an education, and loyalty to family, and society.

Hope you'll all compliment the mom's in your life and congratulate them for all their efforts. 

Hope you'll also do the best you can as you influence children all over the world. 

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