Sunday, April 19, 2015

Just breath in the beauty! Yoder's furniture

While Denver is still pushing snow around, this is what we're seeing!

I think spring is my favorite time of year here in Nauvoo or at least one of the top four favorite seasons. :)
In church today, some of the new missionaries talked. One of them compared being in Nauvoo to her experience with new born kittens. She remembers watching many batches of baby kittens stumble around with their eyes closed until that magical day when they grow up enough to open them. She said, "Here we are in Nauvoo singing and having lines in Rendezvous, giving tours in historical sites, and teaching Sunday school, and we still have our eyes closed. So true!
Other funny comments I wrote in my notes today are:
1. Having a memory is really over rated. You can get along just fine without it.
2. You don't need to have a memory to become one.
3. Now that I'm getting close to age 70, I'm thinking that in another decade or so, I'll not be middle aged any more.
4. Never allow your birth certificate to expire. We need to stay active in the lives of family and friends, take pictures, record experiences and make memories.
Most important concept that I took notes on can be found in it's entirety. Check it out!
Lastly, we went to Yoder's furniture store this week. It was incredible seeing beautiful wood products made by the Amish people without the use of electricity. 

I wanted to buy something...anything. Elder Johnson suggested something edible so we wouldn't have to pack it up and take it home next fall. Well....I found brown eggs collected on an Amish farm. They are actually pretty tasty and won't take up any space.

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