Sunday, May 3, 2015

Can't help myself....more spring, Pioneer Pastimes, and Sewing Up a Storm

Spring in Nauvoo:
With all the new missionaries in training, my usual lunch spot in the conference room was unavailable so I took my lunch outside.
Can't say I was disappointed! 
Lunch in the Women's Garden in the spring....can't beat that!

 The bronze statues were primarily sculptured by Dennis Smith, my mother's cousin.

 The garden is sort of out of the way and I hadn't visited it since the snow melted.
Breath taking!

Love has overcome hate here in Nauvoo. The prophet, Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum were shot and killed by mob violence. Sadly the killing didn't end when over 12,000 people were driven from their beautiful city and warm homes in the middle of winter. Now Mormon missionaries have returned to Nauvoo with love, joy, and celebration for life and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It's all true. I invite you to find this out for yourself.

The Light of Christ touches all people until they refuse to listen. Then that light is extinguished. Do yourself a favor and listen to that still small voice within you and allow the Savior of the world to lift your load and bring you peace.

Pioneer Pastimes is open for school tours which is almost every day this month: We are the site leaders and work there part of every day except for our preparation day which is now Thursday.
 We have costumes that the families can use to dress up for pictures. Isn't this the cutest family?

 Check out the middle top section of this picture. Do you by chance see the handles to a rake and broom? Yes, Elder Johnson was trying to knock out some rings out of the tree. We suggest you don't use tools are needed to retrieve outdoor play toys.

Sewing Room:
As I mentioned earlier, we have new missionaries aplenty who all need costumes for the sites and plays. In the past month, I personally have sewn 21 dresses and twelve aprons. It's exhausting but rewarding.

Below are shots in my new home away from home. As you see we are well equipped with equipment galore.

 Below are the surging machines each with a different color for quick seam finishing.
 We have worked all winter to begin preparing the dresses for completion. Skirts have the pockets and pleats sewn in. The sleeves have also been sewn complete with cuffs, button and button holes as well as grow tucks. This planning ahead has made it all possible.

Grandchildren to spur us on.
Granddaughter, Avry took a sculpturing class. She named this creation, "Amy". Aren't I beautiful?

These two cuties are the sweetest things in Chicago don't you think?

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