Sunday, September 7, 2014

What Does a Grape Stomp and a Rodeo Have in Common?

What is a Grape Stomp anyway?
Well, a Grape Stomp is how Nauvoo celebrates their heritage. There were celebrations all weekend as the community held one activity after another. In fact, some of the missionaries lost sleep a couple of the nights as the night-time entertainment was in close proximity. We only joined them for a 5-K. The good news is that Elder Johnson took first place for his age group running it in 24 minutes and 41 seconds. Wow! Good job Elder Johnson.

You may wonder what Nauvoo and grapes have in common. Apparently, after the Mormons were forced out of Illinois in 1846 and headed for the Salt Lake Valley, Nauvoo farmland was used to grow grapes for wine. The farmers did pretty well, especially during the prohibition years and Nauvoo became a bit famous worldwide. Now farmers primarily grow corn and soy beans. I'm not sure what happened. No one wants to talk about that part of the story.

Actually, there were a number of first place winners from our missionary group. However, the other four contestants were walkers whereas Elder Johnson was a runner.
Below is evidence of Elder Johnson's excellent score.

Mine is not so impressive, but hey, it was fun.

So here's what a Grape Stomp and a Rodeo have in common....we participated in both of them in the same month. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch... I'll admit.

Actually, after this rodeo, I can forever after say, "This is not my first rodeo!" We enjoyed the show for the most part. Animals are unpredictable and that adds spice to the entertainment.
I have to admit, we probably looked a little out of place with the men in white shirts and ties and the women in skirts. There were nearly 50 of us so we got a a number of curious looks.

There you have first rodeo and Grape Stomp!

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