Sunday, October 12, 2014

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes, and a Bike Race

Here is my progress so far on overhauling the costumes for Pioneer Pastimes.
I've repaired dozens of clothes but the dress below is the first I've downsized in a major way. The fabric was in relatively good shape but we had too many adult sizes used only occasionally for a family picture and not enough grade school sizes.
 As you see, the whole back is cut open with three choices of buttons for the top. Long strips of Velcro works well for the middle and waist line. Youth come in all sizes so the costumes need to also be flexible.
 We had quite a few skirts but only one blouse so I made seven more blouses sizes 3 to 10 that open all the way up the back and close with buttons and Velcro like the dress above.
 The lace was donated by the sewing department since the short pieces were too small for adult clothes. The fabric came from the Family Living Center set aside for cutting up into strips for rugs. White isn't a good choice for foot use so it wasn't missed.
 I took men's vests and turned them into boys sizes. They had to be re-cut and sewn to make them small enough. With a few more free hats I found, boys and men are set.

All the toys and games were made by the facilities management missionaries including the log school house and bucket carrier you see below. Actually, what you see is only the tip of the ice berg. They have done an amazing job with all the games, toys, and play equipment. 
 Check out the stick horses below made of tree branches.
 These cute girls were playing dress up when Elder Johnson was taking pictures. Almost all of their costumes were in my sewing room for some repairs last week. There are dozens more. I'll show more pictures next week. 

The log house in the back ground is home for baby dolls and dishes. It's fun to watch the kids interact between the different activities.I know, it's kind of a hardship for us to "play" all day one day of the week. Hope you all feel sorry for us. :) 

This may be the last week for Pioneer Past Times. It will close with the first snow fall. The clothes will be stored in a safer place during the harsh winter. That means I need to finish in the next week or so.

Bike Race
 Elder Johnson and Doctor Udall, who is the doctor for the missionaries here in Nauvoo, participated in bike race which started in Hamilton, Illinois and ended in Nauvoo (about 13 miles away). Elder Johnson and Udall have been biking together since we moved from Carthage to Nauvoo. For those of you who don't know, Elder Johnson has never enjoyed biking until he got here. On the other hand, I biked regularly in our old life, but haven't touched one here because I am either wearing church clothes or pioneer costumes.

 Check out the beautiful surroundings. Can't beat the well kept and green surroundings.
Neither of the men won the race but they did finish with a smile.  Well, actually, Elder Johnson just informed me that they both took first place for their type of bike. Since they are one of a kind, I suppose that makes them first, last, and middle. What do you think?

They were the only two from the mission that participated though many of the other missionaries helped at water stations etc. Proceeds were given to the food bank here in Nauvoo. Because of the poor economy, poverty is growing in leaps and bounds here in the mid-west. There is no getting around the hardships. Roads and side walks are in disrepair, vacant buildings are everywhere, and used furniture and clothing is everywhere and a must for them. 

We talked to President Gibbons today about taking a few days off for a trip home. He was very kind, but explained the situation that probably 90% of the missionaries could benefit from a trip home. We have an important responsibility to stay focused on what we're doing and can place our struggles at home in the hands of the Lord. Both Elder Johnson and I felt comforted and know that things can work out in Colorado without us. We'll be home in less than a year.

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