Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pioneer Past Times is officially closed and now the Browning Gun Shop?

I finished up the last four dresses just two days before FM (Facility's Management) collected all the cloths and toys that needed cleaning and storing for the winter.
 Initially, we had enough clothes for all but the youngest girls. These dresses are sizes 3 below and 6 above with the double buttons and Velcro in back for smaller girls. The dresses got good use the last day we were open. It looks like they will be a hit next spring and summer.
 Most of the dresses below needed remodeling and/or repairing. I only started from scratch on four of them. Three of which you see above. (A little girl was wearing the forth dress when these pictures were taken.)

We spend two days each week at the Family Living Center. I usually need to make bread both days. Keep in mind that we make it without electricity like the pioneers would have. That means Elder Johnson makes the fire while I mix and knead the dough by hand.

 Fortunately, we have a brick oven like the pioneers would have used.
 Once again, it turned out terrific! Guests get a sample so we go through it pretty regularly.

What? I need to give tours at the Browning Gun Shop! Yes, indeed. Sunday was the first time for me to work in the Gun Shop. Elder Johnson has done it quite frequently and knew the script well. (Don't tell anyone, but he adds a few pieces of information taken from the book, John M Browning American Gunmaker lent to us by our Orvin friends from Arvada.)
I was hoping to just get people started with history about Jonathan Browning's conversion story and his move to Nauvoo, trading a property on the bluff for this spot on Main Street where all the river traffic was. However, as it turned out, we had enough guests that I gave the whole tour a few times including how to make the barrel on a gun.

Well, at least we don't find ourselves in a rut!

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