Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Walk and Family

Christmas in Old Nauvoo is apparently a big deal. Last year they had 400 or 500 guests, and they had at least that many people this year. All the sites are dressed up for Christmas along with Mulholland Street which is the main street running through Nauvoo. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints funds most of it. I heard some very large figures floating around that may represent what the budget is, but they aren't documented so I'll refrain from spreading a rumor. Anyway, the little town of Nauvoo is beautifully decked out and charming.
 The event started with a tree lighting program. Our son, Adam and his family joined us from Chicago.
 The tree lighting program included the Warsaw High School band and choir as well as a few musical numbers from LDS missionaries and a talk from the mayor of Nauvoo, John McCarty.
 After the tree was lit, Christmas stories were told in the Tin Shop, Post Office, Browning Gun Shop and Print Shop. Elder Johnson and I were part of a live nativity acted out in the Cultural Hall. We performed 5 or 6 times. I lost count.

 Doesn't Elder Johnson look kingly? Elder Doug Brinley, a retired professor at BYU and President Harwood, Counselor of the Nauvoo Mission Presidency are on the left.
 Mary and Joseph were acted out by Elder and Sister Aaron who used to be in the Oakland Temple presidency. Some of you may recognize them. They know my brother, Dennis Broderick, from Danville, CA.
 Here is my chance to shine my halo. Mostly, I wanted you to see the cool backdrop.
 All guests were invited to the Family Living Center for live entertainment and treats. We had about 11,000 home made cookies, hot chocolate, apple cider and vegetable trays. By the time Elder Johnson and I got there, it was mostly over.

 We love family. We arranged to have our preparation day on Saturday this week so we could spend our day off with these fine folk. Aren't they the cutest?

So did you go to the site

You might as well give in and check it out because I plan to bug you about it, excuse me, I mean remind you from now until Christmas. Just do it! :)

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