Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and He is The Gift

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving out here. Well, not in the normal way but Nauvoo sites did close at 3 pm instead of 5. Thanks to my sister, Becky, and mother, who visited Nauvoo, we had a Thanksgiving feast. Like you, I'm still stuffed. I hope you remembered to turn your scales back 10 pounds. :)
 We invited one of my favorite missionaries here in Nauvoo to meet Mom and help eat our dinner. Sister Olsen is one of those sweet women whom everyone loves. You just can't help be charmed by her quick wit and fun responses to life's predicaments. She and Mom had a fun evening.
 One morning we visited the Carthage Jail and were able to be the tour guides for my family. Elder Johnson and I still love Carthage. What an amazing place with the beautiful Spirit that fills the visitor center and jail. It has certainly become a shrine of sorts for Joseph Smith.
 Below: me, my mother, and sister

Just in case you wonder if we are still good hosts, check out the bedding arrangements below. Apparently, the bar near the back of the couch is bent so nephew, Jeremy got creative.
 Here he is below sporting his sleeping arrangements. I think it's going to be a hit don't you? Stores across the country are going to be promoting it so saw it here first. :)

With Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas is on center stage. I hope you are having fun with the holidays and not loosing your mind. To keep Christ the center of Christmas, I have a suggestion.


Once you've enjoyed the video, will you discover, embrace and then share the gift with your friends and family?

(After that, you may even want to continue sharing with your second and third favorite folks. :)  )

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