Monday, July 27, 2015

Tin Shop, Patterns, Angel Moroni, and Visitors fact wall to wall

We served at the Sylvester Stoddard Tin Shop the other day.

 Sylvester was one of the pattern makers here in Nauvoo in the 1840's. While giving people a tour, we talk about patterns in our lives.
 We also talk about using the correct pattern and following it carefully to get the desired product. Did you know that Yankee peddlers sold tin products for over 150 years?  Me either.
 There are some pretty cool antique tools on display for making tin products.

Mr. Stoddard was a member of the Nauvoo Tinners' Association who made the 1846 angel weather vane that sat on top of the original Nauvoo Temple.
Today many of the LDS temples have Angel Moroni on top of the temple except that he is standing up straight and not a weather vane.

 This is the view from the temple of the Mississippi River. I don't think my camera did it justice.

 I'm trying to show you the current Angel Moroni on the top, but all I can get is how huge and beautiful the temple is.

My invitation to you this week is to examine the patterns that you are currently following in your life. Will they ultimately bring you deep and abiding satisfaction and happiness? If you were to be taken from this life today, can you imagine that Father in Heaven would be pleased with your actions and desires of your heart? What should you change? Will you do it?

Only one more week of pageant. Can you believe how fast the summer is going?

We had the missionaries that we were stationed with in Carthage last summer spend the weekend with us. They went home in the fall of 2014. It was terrific to catch up with their lives and reminisce about old days.

 Originally, we thought we might have as many as 6 guests. We started with six and then Sunday morning awoke to three more. Actually, we love it---crazy like our own home, but lots of fun.
 Some of our Carthage friends will finish their 18 month mission this fall the same time we finish so the picture below includes the visitors as well as those currently serving in Nauvoo. What a fun reunion.
 As I said, "wall to wall beds"

 How do you like our tomato plant below? You can think of it in two ways.  Either Nauvoo climate is so good that the Johnson's vegetable garden is still alive after two months (the optimistic approach). Or, the Johnson's are so bad at gardens that they can't even get a crop in the rich soil of Nauvoo (the not so optimistic approach).

Do you see even one tomato? Some animal swiped the one single fruit we had ripening for our BLT.

 Just because it gets ignored most days...shouldn't be cause for concern. After all, we watered it a couple of times. What more do you want? (You should see our neighbor's plant. Looks like a bush with big juicy red and green things.)

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