Sunday, September 13, 2015

Homecoming on October 11, 2015, In our last few weeks, we are revisiting some "lasts"

You are all invited to 6490 Quail St. in Arvada, Colorado on October 11th 11 AM to here us report on our mission in Nauvoo. We'ld love to have you join us.

Lots of lasts...
One more get together with the group that came with us to Nauvoo.
 A gathering of all the sister missionaries both young and not so young to honor the young sister missionaries who will be leaving in a couple of weeks. Remember, they are called to another mission in the United States for six months. That way they spend two summers in Nauvoo to help accommodate all the guests but aren't bored stiff during the quiet Nauvoo winters.
 A close up to demonstrate that  I was there.
 One more trip to Amish country. I finally got a picture of the sign warning drivers to share the road with Amish buggies... well as the tail end of a buggy. Amish people don't like their picture taken so it's been tricky getting the right shot.
 Another rodeo. At least I don't have to say it's my first rodeo.  :)

 We finally made time to visit across the river from Nauvoo at a place called Montrose where the Mormon pioneers retreated to after leaving Nauvoo for a few weeks in 1846.

 Methodist, Mike Foley, whose family date back to this area for several generations has been studying archaeological evidence as to where the Mormon pioneer settlements and trails were. He uses divining rods to get his bearings and determine where to look.  From what I understand, these metal rods react to empty space made by wagon trains differently than non-compacted terrain. Your body becomes polarized and acts as a magnet in some way. I've probably said that all wrong but hopefully, you got the idea. When I first tried using the divining rods, my body responded oddly causing the rods to swing away from each other rather than crossing each other. I suppose I've always been known as a little off. :)
 He also uses diaries, letters, and journals of early settlers to gather clues. Below is a shot of the temple that is on the last bluff before the pioneers headed west and left the temple behind for the duration of their lives. The temple you see is the same size and location as the original one, so this would be the view that many writings described.
 We also went to a cemetery that Mike thinks is on the outskirts of a place that Joseph Smith had originally named Zarahemla after a city in the Book of Mormon. This town would have been established in the early 1840's and then abandoned in 1846, when Nauvoo was abandoned.
 It was a beautiful, quiet, little place.

 Pioneer Pastimes is about to close down except for weekends. There were some Canadian geese making themselves at home yesterday when we went to set up.
 I guess I'm not as imposing as I thought. My attempts to scare them into the air for a better picture failed miserably and they mostly ignored me.
 We also took a tour through Carthage Jail today. The experiences we relate in Carthage will remain with us forever I think. It was like we never left.

Today after our church meetings, we watched a film entitled Remembering Nauvoo. We'd seen it a few times last summer, but wanted to see it one more time. With it, we saw the short clip Because He Lives. I invite you to watch it yourself. All of what we do is really for one purpose spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Do you want the good news to bring you happiness in this life, and eternal life in the world to come? Come and learn for yourself.

I love the quote from St. Francis of Assisi that goes: “Preach the Gospel always and if necessary use words.” 

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