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Nauvoo after the Mormon's, Sisters take the title, Dinner with President Gibbons, and The Historic Post office

Have you ever wondered what happened to our little town after 1846 when the Mormons left Nauvoo? We took a tour given by the Nauvoo Chamber of Commerce. 
I know, I's a bit late since we're leaving soon, but we took it none-the-less. 
The reader boards below are displayed in the Nauvoo town square.

 You may have heard that Nauvoo was the wine capital for a number of years. 
In fact, in 1860, Nauvoo claimed to have 425,000 grape plants. 
Would you have wanted to be given the job of grape plant counter? Me either.

 Just so you know, the women have been beating the men at Canasta whenever the Udalls and Johnsons have a minute of diversion. You can't see the score below, and I can't remember what it was, but rest assured we beat them soundly...again.

It is traditional that when missionaries have reached their expiration date as I call it and head home, the Mission President's wife cooks a fine meal for them before they go. It was delicious. 
 It's a pretty large group leaving don't you think?

Historic Post Office
I was in the historic post office on Friday. I haven't served there much obviously because the morning was filled with a comedy of errors. First, while dusting the chandeliers, my duster melted to one of the chandelier light bulbs. When do bulbs the size of Christmas tree lights give off enough heat to melt the duster?
 Sisters Anderson and Wood came to my rescue. But the problems didn't end there...

The sisters went back to the John Taylor home. Sister Brinley, my companion for the day, and I were outside socializing. I shut the door to keep the air conditioner from coming on too much. That sounds innocent enough don't you think? Well, the post office has one of those weird door knobs that has to be unlocked while the door is open. If one neglects to force the dead bolt open before shutting the door, then you are stuck inside.
 You either need the key which is outside as shown in the picture above. Or you need a special gold key that is inside every building...somewhere. I had to wait for Sister Brinley to return to her post (no pun intended...well maybe it was) and instruct me where the gold key was located.

Sister Brinley and I talked up a storm as we were at this site from 9-5 with only a few tours to give.
 I don't think I've reported on the post office before. See below for the cost of postage. Keep in mind that a skilled man's wage those days was about a dollar a day. Ouch, if you have many letters to send.
 Since the cost was so high, it was common to use cross writing when sending a letter. Cross writing is show below. First, the page was filled with writing on one side of the paper from top to bottom. Then the page was turned sideways and filled again on top of the original writing. Sometimes, the page was turned diagonal and filled a third time. A blank sheet of paper held under the words to be read was helpful but not a cure-all. For this and many more reasons, I feel happy to live in my generation. Yea for the internet!
 Note the folded letter to the side of the cross writing above. 
In the 1840's they still used wax and a stamp to seal the letters.
The picture below shows a mail bag used for transporting the Federally owned property.
 A typical post office was often located in a corner of a home or business with cub-be holes like you see below. If mail wasn't picked up (and because mail could be sent COD, this was a regular occurrence) unclaimed mail would be sent to Washington DC and eventually destroyed. Is it just me or does that make you twitch to know all those stories and real life events were destroyed?

In reading through the notes I've taken the past 18 months, I came across a few quotes  that stood out. Some of them are paraphrased below. I invite you to scan through for something that might be of benefit to you, and then of course act on it. Gems of advice aren't much good if you don't do something about it.
  • We lose out on opportunities for growth because we do not listen to the Holy Ghost. We need to relinquish our will in favor of the Lord's will. In 2 Nephi 28:30 it says we learn line upon line until we have learned great wisdom. After we accept revelation, we are given more. When we receive revelation we should thank God for His trust in us.
  • President Hinckley said, "Life is to be enjoyed not just endured. Things aren't as bad as you think. It will all work out." 
  • Concerning the fads in the world--some of them are harmless. Some of them can start us on a path to destruction. To know the difference, listen to and obey the prophets.
  • Never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved.
  • We will all suffer pain but it is our choice whether we continue to suffer or not.
  • There's no sense in saying that you trust Christ if you don't take His advice.
  • There is no agency(choice), without some risk.
  • Brigham Young said that we can build a kingdom faster than the adversary can tear it down because the foundation has been laid.
  • Sweet feelings of love in our heart are often companions to adversity.
  • No one can be lying, stealing, or involved in sexual sin and feel the Holy Ghost.
  • Salvation is not a cheap experience. We must all step into Gethsemane a little and experience sin and opposition to be saved.
  • As we come to know Christ as opposed to knowing about Christ, we feel and have confidence and trust in His love.
  • Be of good cheer both in good times and bad.
  • Why would Joseph Smith lie about seeing a vision when all he received for it was persecution and eventually death?
  • Many churches help men be better. Many teach love, peace, patience, service and forgiveness. No other church except the LDS teaches principles and temple covenants that save men in a celestial state with husbands and wives together linked to their family.
  • No sacrifice is too great for the blessings of an eternal marriage.
  • Be humble, faithful, and good then you can have the Holy Ghost with you. Learn what the Holy Ghost feels like to you--it varies between individuals. 
  • You can't teach others what you don't know yourself.

All in fun:

  • Should a woman have a baby after 35? No, 35 children is enough.
  • Having a memory is really overrated. You don't have to have a memory to become one.
  • Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be okay.
  • There has not been one case in the history of mankind when a husband has been shot while doing the dishes.

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