Monday, August 25, 2014

Ellie's Nauvoo Baptism

So long Carthage. Below is the beautiful Bushnel mansion where we have lived for the past 4 1/2 months. Of course we shared it with five other couples each with a one bedroom apartment, but still, it was home.

 The picture below was taken the last day of work outside the Carthage Jail. We are now relocated in Nauvoo and Carthage is already a fading memory.
Initially, we were concerned about the timing of our move as it was literally right on top of planning for the baptism of our granddaughter, Ellie Rose here in Nauvoo. It actually worked out terrificly because we moved and organized on our own time at night and then used our moving days to be with our children and grand- children. It was wonderful.

Those who were able to come were: Aaron, Michelle, Blake, Dylan, (from McKinney, Texas) Meesa, Carter, Avry, Keely, (from Ft Lauderdale, Florida) Alma, Chelsea, Porter, Amy, Ellie of course, Gavin, Aria, (from Spring Creek, Nevada) Adam, Becki, Mia, Zoey (from Carrie, Illinois). All families drove. Thank you to all for making a wonderful weekend for Ellie and Elder Johnson and me.

 Adam, Aaron, Porter, Carter
 Ellie's Aunt Sarah and family from Nebraska were also able to attend. We welcome a representative from Alma's family!
 Picture below shows everyone

Stay tuned and I'll catch you up soon with our new Nauvoo life.

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