Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What we've been up to!

Meesa and her three children were the first to arrive in Nauvoo. They came Friday, August 15th in time to catch Elder Johnson and me giving tours. Elder Johnson was in the Browning Gun Shop and I was in the Sylvester Stoddard Tin Shop.

As you see, we are now wearing period clothes.

 Saturday morning we went on a carriage ride with Meesa and children through the back roads of Nauvoo including Inspiration Point.

 I am always amazed at the health and beauty of the horses. The teamsters do an amazing job and the narration is fun and informative.

The pictures below were taken in Carthage as you may recognize from other posts.

 In the debtor's cell where Joseph and Hyrum Smith along with eight other friends spent the night on Tuesday, June 25, 1844

Carter with the dungeon cell keys. 
Elder Johnson gave a special tour which included checking out the dungeon cell keys. 
They work! However, the picture came out too dark to post.

In the martyrdom room which is also the jailer's master bedroom

Outside the jail 
The window on the 2nd floor shown below is the window that Joseph Smith fell from as he was shot.

 Stay tuned as there will be more to come in a day or two.

Elder Johnson and I are serving in Nauvoo every day now, and each day we are asked to serve in a new historic site with different history to learn. We are finally starting to remember most of what we need to know and should be on top of our game soon.

We are as organized as we need to be in our new housing in Nauvoo. It is a three bedroom home located about 7 bike minutes from most of the sites we serve at. Elder Johnson and I usually serve at different sites and on different shifts so I take the car leaving a used bike for Elder Johnson.

The weather turned off hot and humid this week. Summer is finally here, but we are relieved that most of the season has been amazingly pleasant and fall is only a month or so away.

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