Sunday, August 10, 2014

Farewell Carthage Jail Visitor's Center

It's always great to have friends and relatives visit Carthage Jail. 
Welcome nephew, Jeremy Connell!

See the picture below. I'm trying to give you a flavor of the bugs that plague our trip between Carthage and Nauvoo. The collection of bugs on our bumper is really just the tip of the ice berg. Until we replaced our windshield wipers last week, we couldn't use them unless it was raining heavily because the bugs were so big and thick that the wipers smeared our view more than cleaned it off. It's really quite disgusting, but you probably got the picture.

We are leaving Carthage and moving to Nauvoo this week. Terrible timing since our kids are coming for granddaughter, Ellie Olsen's baptism this week. However, it may work out for the best anyway since we'll have a few days off.

Below are pictures of the Historic Carthage Jail, Visitor's Center, and grounds

As you see, it is a peaceful place geared for thousands of visitors. We will miss Carthage and the opportunity it brought to feel the sweet spirit of those who gave their life for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Back side of Carthage Jail
West side of jail showing copper covering of air conditioning coils
I don't think the air conditioner is original but we sure like having it. :) 
Front of Jail

Summer Kitchen on right built in 1850
There was a lean-to kitchen made out of wood in 1844 so the restoration department left it as is.
 Dining room for jailer, George and Jen Stigall.
They had seven children and all of them lived at the jail in 1844.

Furniture and knickknacks are typical for the period but none of them are original of course

 Hall to debtor's cell

Stairs leading to dungeon cell and George Stigall's master bedroom

 Replica of keys to dungeon cell along with a rascal beater
 The key works!
Dungeon cell

 Window on the left is the one that Joseph Smith fell from when he was shot

The hole you see in the door is the one made when Hyrum Smith was shot and killed.

Willard Richards used George Stigall's desk taking copious notes of the day's events on Wednesday June 26, 1844.  Willard was Joseph's personal scribe and secretary the last two years of Joseph's life.
Willard lived to witness the terrible martyrdom June 27, 1844

Outside the visitor's center in route to the jail

Inside the Visitor's Center 

Portraits of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

We performed Friday, August 8th in Sunset By the Mississippi for the last time this summer.
Below is a picture of the outdoor stage. It seats 800 guests, but is only full during the month of July when the Nauvoo Pageants are performed.
 During the pre-show while guests are arriving, the Nauvoo Brass band plays while missionaries and guests dance. We are usually good for about one dance each show.

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