Sunday, November 2, 2014

Boo-tiful Nauvoo...Happy Halloween

The city of Nauvoo along with the help of the LDS missionaries host a Halloween celebration.
 The LDS missionaries help carve over 400 pumpkins.
 We use our facilities and donate the pumpkins. All in the community are invited to help carve but I only saw a few carvers that I didn't recognize as missionaries.
 A few of the missionaries participated in a "crazy band". Elder Johnson and I were two of them.
 If you live in Arvada, you may recognize Sister Colleen Jones.
 The Crazy Band was at the tail end of a parade following families dressed up in Halloween costumes from all around the area. We had piped music of songs like The Purple People Eater and played musical instruments to the beat. We truly did look and sound a bit crazy but it was fun.

 The baby below looks really excited!

 It was estimated that over 7,000 people were involved in the celebration. Since Nauvoo's population is only 1100, that's a big deal.
 The carved pumpkins lined the streets though we didn't get any good pictures of them. The parade started with the children showing off their cute costumes.
The shops along Mulholland Street (the main street running through Nauvoo)
offered candy to the children.

Another different tradition here in the Midwest is that the children come around door- to -door on October 30th during "Beggar's Night". We gave out some candy that night but no one came on the 31st, Halloween. Does anyone know the history behind that?

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