Tuesday, April 15, 2014


During a break today, Gregg and I went for our usual walk. As we were returning, we had a conversation with an elderly gentleman. He asked us where we were going on our mission. He was excited to hear that we were going to Nauvoo because that was where he was currently serving as a Nauvoo Temple missionary. The temple is currently closed for two weeks for the annual deep cleaning so he and his new wife were back in Utah visiting family. Apparently, his first wife died a few years ago.

As we were heading back to class, we exchanged names. Gregg recognized the name Durrant and asked if his son was the BYU basketball player Devin Durrant. Not only is Devin his son, but his new wife is Susan Eastin Black. Many of you know that Susan was married to my cousin, Doug.

We'll anyway, that was kind of fun. Gregg looked Elder Durrant up on the internet and learned that George Durrant was also an author and co-author of 50 books, religion instructor at BYU and mission president among other things.

Actually, the main reason I wanted to mention our encounter was the epiphany that I had afterwards. Elder Durrant mentioned during our conversation that it was difficult to get a calling to the Nauvoo Mission. We have heard that many times from people who seem to be in the know. I have occasionally wondered if we somehow got in the back door or if really had a purpose for being there. The epiphany was that we had been feeling the desire to serve there not just because it would be fun for us but because that is exactly where we will be needed. It obviously took the whole six months to get our lives in order and it was good that we got started when we did. Basically, it was reconfirmed to me that the call is inspired. That felt good.

Thanks again for all your prayers that helped us get out the door. Betty and Steve are real troopers holding down the fort for Gregg's business. If any of you get a chance, please let them know how awesome they are. Phone number is the same 303 422 8400.

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