Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sewing cloths for Nauvoo

Several friends have asked to see the cloths sewn for our mission. The following post was taken from my other post entitled, Amy's new project.

Gregg and I will be wearing pioneer cloths 6 days a week for the next year and a half. Nauvoo has their own pattern styles which they want us to follow specifically. There is a great deal of detailing that can't be seen. I have spent about 3 weeks working 8-10 hours each day to complete the work. It was fun once I finished up other projects and then got motivated to start cutting.

Below are two of my dresses with coordinating aprons. The pink apron can be worn with either the green or pink dress.

The apron below actually has a small purple print that is hard to see. It can be worn with other dresses as well. Nauvoo is very specific about the color of fabric. It can't be chosen from primary colors, can't be faded, but should be some what muted. I hope I did it right.

 I had the fabric store cut the blue dress fabric below after I had already cut the apron material. They were short 3/4 of a yard and I was a bit worried about having enough material. In the end, it worked great and I was glad I had experience as a youth working pattern pieces to fit on smaller than recommended pieces of fabric.

 This was the first dress I made. I bought the dress fabric without the apron fabric and then had trouble finding fabric to coordinate. Gregg actually found the gold print used for the apron and it is one of my favorite.

 I need white aprons when I work in the prophet's home. The tucks at the bottom are called grow tucks. I suspect I won't be growing taller while on my mission but I guess it's better to be prepared. :)

 Below are three vests for Gregg. They were taken from a regular men's vest pattern and altered to fit the style of the time which means no pockets, ties, and straight across on the bottom.

I needed a couple of pantaloons and a petticoat. This was the only garment I could add lace and/or ribbon. Most of the white cloths were taken from sheets rather than buying fabric by the yard. I hope I don't regret it.

I made four shirts for Gregg. As you see, the collar is different and the sleeves are fuller than a man's typical shirt today.

Then after talking to the sewing department at Nauvoo, I took their suggestion and visited a Goodwill. I bought 9 more shirts and remodeled them to fit Gregg and the time. With humid temperatures in the summer, it was recommended to have plenty of shirts and I was happy not to sew any more than needed.
So, there it is. I am finished for now but plan to take my sewing machine with me to Nauvoo for repairs or remakes. I feel much better with this project behind me.

(Side note: the craft room worked marvelously for the large project. I could spread out, make a mess, keep the different projects separate and organized, heat and cool the room only when needed, had plenty of light on demand, and didn't have to clean up for 3 weeks since it was out of the way.)

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