Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

We have been at the MTC for one week. It has flown by with only two days left. I will add pictures later when I have my computer rather than Gregg's iPad but won't have much time until we get unpacked in Nauvoo so I want to add an Easter message now while I have a minute.

So HAPPY EASTER everyone! Sunday evening we attended a devotional. Many things have been note worthy and worth commenting on but that will have to be said at a later date. My message to you is taken from what we gleaned after the devotional from Elder Bednar's talk at the MTC on December 25, 2012 entitled The Character of Christ. It is worth listening to if you can find it.

Here are my thoughts.

Our goal in life is to strive to be like the Savior. However, we are all born with Cookie Monster tendencies--Give me cookies now! Cookie is consumed with self and immediate gratification. Christ is the very opposite. To be like Him is to be completely selfless and consumed with needs outside of ourselves.

We would all be destined to remain Cookie Monster forever had it not been for the atonement of Christ. He opened the door to change. We cannot overcome our weaknesses without use of the atonement but we must be proactive about it. We must use our agency wisely keeping a positive, optimistic attitude towards others. Choose to think the best whenever you can. Trust God and lean not  on your own understanding. Life is full of trials and set backs. Look for how you can be strengthened by them rather than pulled down.

Besides controlling what you think, do good. Look for ways to help or lift others. Be kinder, friendlier, happier. As you make an effort to do these things, the power of the atonement will enable you to be more and more successful at it. In time and with persistence, you become less Cookie Monster like and more Christ like.

So sweet grandchildren and anyone else reading this blog. Will you try a little harder? I will won't you?

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  1. If I understand this right, the guest speaker at the MTC was the Cookie Monster. Boy, you really do get blessings when you go on your mission!