Saturday, April 26, 2014


As you may have guessed, we have been thrown to the wolves and are in full swing as tour guides in the Carthage Jail. Well, almost in full swing. It feels like we are in "trouble" too often for comfort when we leave a book in the wrong place, miss a light switch or two, or forget to notate the "Elder" or "Sister" part in the log properly. I think we are going to get a pay deduction any day now.  :)

Our "Preparation" day will be every Wednesday at least for the next six months or so. That means that if you come to town, we are available to share with you that day only. Any other time is hit or miss.

Starting next week, we will perform in Rendezvous on Monday and Thursday evening for the last week of April and the whole month of May.

In June we will be performing Rendezvous every Tuesday and Friday. We will be performing in Sunset on Wednesday and Saturday that month.

In July we perform in Rendezvous on Wednesday and Saturday while Sunset will be Monday and Thursday.

In August we perform in Rendezvous on Monday and Thursday with performances for Sunset on Tuesday and Friday.

Enough of the boring details, here are some pictures.

 Gregg and Amy at the MTC in Provo, Utah.

 Above are the couples that we roll played with. One couple is going to Nauvoo with us and the rest are going all over the country. Note the cute Sister Pace in the center. She was a recent return missionary and an awesome instructor.
 Gregg's brother, Gar, and wife, Cindy, visited us in Provo.

 While in Salt Lake Temple square visitor's center, we visited the Relief Society building and took this picture of Amy (I mean Sister Johnson) and the tour guide.
 Here are all the new senior missionaries going to Nauvoo. We are still in Provo.

 We went to the Provo temple on two different occasions. It was fun finishing up the temple work on Diane's family files.
 Here is the same group of new senior couples only this time we are practicing for Rendezvous in Nauvoo. 

  This is the Bushnell House where we live. Our apartment is on the 2nd floor in the back of the house, but we enter the front door.

 We use this beautiful staircase to climb to our apartment each day.

 These homes are the properties that Gregg would like to make part of a spook alley on Halloween. They are magnificent but foreboding.

Below is a picture of the old Carthage jail. The jail is on the right and the visitor's center is on the left.

This is the back side of the jail. Joseph Smith fell from the top window after being shot.

Here we are inside the visitor's center with Joseph and Hyrum.

My costumes all had to take on a new look. They were too bright so after talking to my mother about what colors to use to mute the brightness, I spent many hours adding color, taking it out, adding another color, and then taking some of it out. In the end, I saved all but one dress, but only one of the aprons. Fortunately, the sewing room had extra aprons that coordinated with my dresses so I didn't have to start sewing aprons again. Oh, to be perfect and goof it up.

We were in Salvation Army looking for a coffee table when we saw this oil painting for $3. I have many blank walls so I bought it. It is not on canvas and taped into the frame with blue masking tape, but if it weren't for that, one might think it is a "real" painting.

Here is a funny: Last night at Rendezvous, a child was heard asking their parents what kind of make-up was used to make the people look so old.


  1. Ohhh something about that red house you posted right before the jail gives me the creeeeeps. Definitely haunted.

  2. Oh! And do you dress up for Carthage or just Nauvoo stuff?

    1. Just Nauvoo. We wear Sunday best all week in Carthage. I'm glad I brought two suits for Gregg.