Sunday, November 23, 2014

Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds

We've been here for about seven months and finally found a minute to drive about five minutes out of town to see the Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds.

The structure below is lined on all walls with names of those who lived and died
in the Nauvoo War which ended in 1846 with the expulsion of the LDS people.
 There are literally hundreds of names. Elder Johnson found the names of a few of his relatives who were related to his great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Johnson. Most of my relatives joined the church and migrated to Utah as early as 1850 missing the Nauvoo War.
There is one exception which is a story for another day.
 It's a beautiful place!
 And, it was very cold that day.

You can't help but ache for the families that buried their loved ones here.
It's all so senseless...
...extreme intolerance for religious differences.
But, I suppose the followers of Christ have always been persecuted.

I believe that Christ will indeed come again. Do you? 
He lives with a body of flesh and bones and will one day soon reign here on our earth as Lord of Lords and rule as King of Kings. Are you ready?
It will be exciting if you are prepared.

All who have suffered will be given rest. 
No suffering will go unaccounted for, and all will be made right.
Through the same power of the atonement, 
all of us can be forgiven and cleansed of all the hurt we've caused others.
We simply must have a broken heart and contrite spirit and come unto Christ through baptism.
Not just any baptism of course, 
but a baptism performed by one who has authority given to him by the Savior himself.

 It's all true. Will you find this out for yourself?
Will you do something about it this week?

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