Sunday, November 16, 2014

The harvest is in and so comes winter.

Nauvoo is surrounded by acres upon acres of farmland. Corn and Soybeans are the primary crops and seem to never end. The picture below was taken a few months ago showing how dry the corn gets before harvesting. Soybeans are the same. Once the crop appears dead, it is harvested by huge harvest combines. Those mountain sized machines work day and night to bring in the harvest.
 The yellow rooftop below is actually no roof at all but a giant mound of corn. A week or so after this picture was taken, we saw a white plastic roof layered on top of the corn before the weather turned wet.
 This storage plant is located on the flats of Nauvoo, right along the Mississippi River. We are told that the corn will be taken to large barges that will float six at a time down the river for processing. Much of it will be used as a gasoline additive.
 We're also told that the crop this year has been plentiful. Elder Johnson and I have a new perspective on a bountiful harvest. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it will give food for thought.

Indian Mounds
We visited old Indian mounds a few weeks ago. Apparently, upon excavating, the hills were found to be full of old Indian graves.  It was decided to leave them untapped and remain as sacred ground.
 There is a sense of peace and serenity here. I wonder about the history.

 Home Evening
Our most rewarding activity this week took place last night. We were invited to dinner at a member family in the area struggling with crazy "Indian" children of their own. It reminded me of our own tribe at home--wild, crazy and lots of fun.
 We were asked to provide a game.  We talked about keeping God's commandments and comparing temptations to crocodiles along our path. The children were blindfolded one at a time and asked to find their way to their parents. The rope represented the rod of iron or laws of God which can guide them to safety if diligently followed.
 The game was a hit and each of the four children wanted a turn. Earning the trust of a thirteen year old boy meant success in our minds.

 We love the Shaw's and hope to have more opportunities to help strengthen their family.

We've been asked to be the site leaders at the Family Living Center. We are also moving to three casts for Rendezvous in place of two. I have been asked to be the cast manager for the Emma Hale Cast. We will continue to perform the vignette of Thomas and Elizabeth, solo, rather than sharing it with another couple. However, two performances per week rather than three will be a tremendous lift.

We continue to be pulled and stretched to the max in every direction. 

We had a true Sunday today not being required to work at a site. The summer brought thousands of guests but with hundreds of missionaries assigned  to handle them, it was doable since we were required to work only one Sunday a month. Now, the guests have dwindled but so have the missionaries so now we only get one Sunday off a month. I prefer the summer schedule and will never complain again of a crazy itinerary as long as Sunday afternoon can provide time for a rest and rejuvenation.

How is your scripture reading coming? Will you look at your schedule and make more time for it if you did not do so well last week? Remember my challenge with the Book of Mormon.

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